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New Art from Bali and Bandung

24 April - 21 May 2022
Curated by Mila Feng

When people think of contemporary Indonesian art, Yogyakarta comes to mind. Famous as a ‘city of artists’, Jogja is home to leading art school Institut Seni Indonesia. But Indonesia has other fascinating art scenes. Bandung for example is home to art school ITB and many of its graduates. For decades the two schools competed, their different philosophies evident in their graduates’ work. From Bandung we feature sculptor Maharani Mancanagara, photographer Meicy Sitorus and video artist Eldwin Pradipta. Bali has a very different culture. It also has a long art tradition, which Citra Sasmita addresses in her feminist paintings. Sekarputri Sidhiawati and Agugn Prabowo contribute innovative ceramics and print-making to the local mix. This exhibition presents some of the most interesting young artists working in Indonesia.

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