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Three Thirty 2020

Three Thirty (2020)

Video, Sound


Time is an incomprehensible substance. The qualities of time, being an elusive and malleable substance yet having power over so much of the universe and the human conscience, I delved into this through the use of media manipulation.  Like time, digital media is another intangible and infinite product. The idea was to translate one medium of media into another, over and over again, reflecting time distortion and flexibility and creating an abstracted interpretation as a result. Derived from the recording of our group performance, I decided to build on this, creating a more complex final piece. Taking the recording from our 3”30’ long performance video, I translated it into a series of soundwaves and digitally stitched them together to create a psychedelic experience of time. The audio was recorded and manipulated through a translation of numbers from the performance video’s HTML onto piano keys. The visuals of my project were accompanied by this eerie, hollow and echoey piano instrumental, representing the never-ending melancholy of time.

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